At last on June 27th

Good news everyone!

This Thursday, on June 27th we plan to release our latest game with surprising
name At Last Not Last for iOS devices.

The Animal lovers will fall in love with this game, by getting a chance to become one of forest living creatuves in a magical race. The game mechanics are based on "single touch" controls that easy to understand, but hard to master. The player has to bounce off the mushrooms to increase speed and become champion of the forrest.

Stuff in game:

  • 18 different stages
    First 12 stages will be unlocked by finishing the race at least third. To unlock all levels player needs to win 8 first places.

  • 4 animals with unique powers
    The rapid rabbit, jumping squirl, smelly skunk and rabbit that loves golden coins.

  • 4 different power-ups
    The trampoline that covers a pit, shield that protects from bombs and spikes, bombs that slows down other racers and rocket that takes you for a wild ride.

  • No crappy IAPS.

Gameplay video:


Follow the updates:


The rainbow game

Hi Guys,

A week ago me and Andrius decided to make a goofy platformer. Imagine if the ground you step on coloured the world around you. Sounds crazy, hah? That's what we were thinking too. So we made something.

The game seems very fun and rich in possibility to make interesting puzzles. You can try it all by yourself by downloading it from here. We would love to hear a reaction from you on Twitter or Facebook!



A giant mushroom

Rabbits are great runners. They have to run because they are terribly late all the time. Don't even bother inviting a rabbit into your tea-party, he'll turn up all out-of-breath just about when your other guests have finished the last cupcakes and are thinking of polite ways to bring up the topic of leaving.

Well, as it turns out rabbits are very aware and ashamed of their stereotypes in modern forest society. They want to change that, so that generations of future rabbits can live ridicule and mockery-free life. What is their plan of action you ask? Government-subsidized pocket watches? All-forest-wide underground tunnel network? Um, no. They think the key to punctuality is being able to run even faster.

They started organizing these races to promote fitness and sportsmanship among rabbits. They hop from mushroom to mushroom like crazy and cheerfully splash into puddles of water along the race track. Quite impressive events, I must say. You should come to watch sometime.


Second hand

During the last year I made a ton of new images and some of them are lying at the bottom of the shelf with a thriving layer of dust. So I decided it's better to share them with you rather than have no use for them. I archived 36 vector icons with images mostly from games such as "nulis" and "Slide Circus". Using these icons in our third game feels a little shabby, so I'm leaving them for you, while I'm off to make some new ones. Everything is licensed under CC-BY.

The archive can be found here:

Download the Icons

I hope it'll help out in someone's project and if so you're always welcome to share results with me at dmarkevicius at qbcode dot com. I'm always keen to see the great stuff where the icons might end up in.



Free version of Slide Circus

Two months ago we released this puzzle. Now we're giving a free version of the game! Don't get too excited yet - it has ads. We're not big fans of that fact, but we definitely are huge enthusiasts of "understanding how universe works" club. So we're trying stuff out. And when we get results we promise to post them here. Oh, and one more thing - this versions has 30 extra Christmas themed puzzles. So enjoy playing the game and happy Holidays!


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Tyreju naktis

Application designed for "Science's Night" event.

It contains events' schedules, location map and special window for "Science's Night" game.

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At Last not Last

At Last not Last is a cute little racing game that should appeal to kids and adults alike. It’s beautiful, charming, and will keep you engaged for quite some time. - App Advice

Preview on Youtube

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Slide Circus

Slide Circus is a game of logic and clear thinking, wrapped up in a gorgeous UI and with a great soundtrack to boot. It’s not fast or furious, and nor is it a revolution in the sliding block genre, but it is brilliantly well-constructed and a lot of fun. - Pocket Gamer

Preview on Youtube

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A game about emptiness and disorder, matter and energy.

It's all about understanding and exploiting the laws of the universe we created. Don't worry, they're really simple.

Preview on Youtube

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